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RG Matta Rice

 Matta Rice sourced from Palakkad region of Kerala, India is used to prepare wide variety of foods such as Idlis, Appams and snacks like Kondattam & Murukku. The fine earthly flavour along with the rich nutritional content makes it an exceptional rice choice. Apart from the unique taste, RG Matta  rice has many health benefits in its list, with its increased quantities of vitamins, fibre and minerals the rice becomes the major contributor to a healthy diet and lowers the risk of many severe health issues such as heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers. When the anti-diabetic properties of Matta prevents hypertension, the rich fibre content in it ensures a smooth running of the digestive system. In short, this nutritious and flavour some rice has everything to keep up your diet healthy with each bite. So have more of it and worry no more.

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