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Asafoetida ( Ferula asafoetida ) is the dried sap obtained from the roots of Ferula plants. While it’s native to Afghanistan and Iraq, asafoetida is commonly used in Indian cuisine where it’s dried, ground into a spice, and referred to as hing. In addition to flavoring food, asafoetida has also been used for centuries around the world for its perceived health benefits spices are used for thousands of years as food accessories to enhance the sensory quality of food.RG MIlls is known as the best Asafoetida Manufacturer Karnataka

By imparting pleasant flavor, color, and pungency, they can transform an otherwise dull food preparation into an attractive, appetizing meal. Spices are used not only alone but also in the form of mixtures known as curry powders to match different tastes and preparations. Spices are known to possess several medicinal properties. Asafoetida is used as a flavoring agent in food and as a traditional medicine for many diseases in many parts of the world. Asafoetida ( Ferula asafoetida ) is an oleo-gum-resin obtained from the stems of Ferula plants belonging to the family Umbelliferae.

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Asafoetida Health Benefits

Helps Relieve Asthma

Help in relieving respiratory disorders like asthma, bronchitis, dry cough, anti-viral, and antibiotic effects.

Cancer Prevention

Asafoetida has received significant attention and has been directly associated with a reduction in cancerous cells.


Toothaches and Earaches

You can make a mouth rinse with asafoetida and water for toothaches as well as an ear drop mixture with coconut oil for earaches.

Fertility Boost

By encouraging hormonal activity, boosting energy and blood flow, asafoetida is an aphrodisiac that is easily accessible.

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