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Gingelly Oil Exporters & Manufactures

India is the second largest gingelly oil exporters and manufacturer in the world as we export most of the gingelly oil to US, Singapore and UAE. Gingelly oil, also known as the king of all vegetable oils, is extracted from sesame seeds. This edible oil is widely used worldwide because of its flavour-enhancing property, especially in Asia. In Korean and South East Asian cuisines, it is used as a flavour enhancer. 

Gingelly Oil Manufactures

RG Group is one of the leading gingelly oil manufacturers in India. We use the best quality sesame seeds for extracting the oil. We use futuristic extracting units, which include the most modern crushing and filtering equipment. We crushed the seed at a very low temperature to retain the sesame oil’s natural aroma and nutritional value. After the extraction, the oil is adequately filtered and packed. 

Gingelly Oil Suppliers & Exporters

Gingelly oil is a healthier choice due to its health benefits. Gingelly oil is rich in vitamins like vitamin K and E, making it a good choice for the medical, cosmetic and culinary industries. We are one of the leading wholesale gingelly oil suppliers. RG Group has maintained an excellent production capacity as an established market player in the cooking oil segment, enabling us to meet the customers’ bulk requirements. 


Gingelly Oil Exporters And Manufacturer | RG Foods
Gingelly Oil Exporters And Manufacturer | RG Foods

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