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MUSTARD Oil Exporters & Manufactures

Mustard oil is an edible oil made from mustard seeds and is a healthy choice available in edible oil. RG Foods is a prominent mustard oil exporter in India and export thousands of tonnes of mustard oil worldwide. Due to its various health benefits, there is an increase in demand. The crude mustard oil is dark brown and has a solid pungent odour. Refined mustard oil is mainly used for cooking and is slightly more viscous than other vegetable oils. 

Traditionally processed mustard oil adds an aromatic flavor to dishes. Apart from the strong aroma, it gives to the dishes, it also has impressive digestive properties, neutralizes the toxins in food, and keeps us healthy.


Mustard Oil Manufactures

Pure and natural mustard oil has a huge demand all around the world. In India, RG group is a prominent mustard oil manufacturer and supplier. This oil is a healthy choice because of its anti-oxidant and cholesterol-reducing properties. The good pungent smell and taste made it more widespread. Our brand’s features are ultra-modern technology, a trained workforce, advanced extraction methods, and strict quality control methods.

For centuries people used this mustard oil for cooking and medicinal purpose. Mustard oil is perfect for cardiac health and stimulates the muscles’ blood circulation and sensation.

We are a renowned mustard oil manufacturer from India.

Mustard Oil Suppliers

RG group is a well-known Mustard oil exporter in the Indian market. We export mustard oil all year and use high-quality mustard seeds and state-of-the-art machinery to produce the best in quality mustard oil. 

Pure and natural mustard oil has high demand all over the world. The global demand for mustard oil has been rising over the years. RG group has an extensive experience in the food exporting industry. 

RG Group is one of the top edible oil exporters in India. Our Mustard oil is well-accepted in the global market because of its quality, and we have a fully-fledged manufacturing and distribution channel. We are a recognized mustard oil exporter from India.


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