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How to identify the best quality Sesame oil

Identifying best quality sesame oil is quite easy for Good, Natural & Hulled Sesame Seeds, the first criterion is how the seed looks. If the seeds are white in case of natural sesame, they can be considered as good quality seeds. Natural sesame seeds are not pure white, but anywhere from beige to cream. The same seed is threshed to obtain sesame seeds. However, hulled sesame seeds should be pure white without discoloration.

The second criterion for sesame seeds is the size of the seeds. The fleshier the seed, the fresher and higher the quality. So always make sure your sesame seeds are not flat and dry!

When it comes to black sesame seeds, apart from the criteria mentioned above, the color of the seeds varies. There are two types of black seeds, some are dark brown to black and others are black in color. Pitch black seeds are pure and high quality. However, it depends on the purpose of the purchase. With so many options, choosing the right sesame oil can be difficult. Like a fine wine, you can experiment with key factors to decide which oil is worth the investment.

Make sure it is unrefined

Unrefined oils contain maximum nutrients because they are less processed. Refined oils are cheaper in price and less in quality.

Buy organic

As with unrefined, organic sesame oil’s allow for higher nutritional value. Other great benefits are that organic means non-GMO, no herbicides, and no toxic additives.

Roasted at low temperature

It is important to roast sesame seeds at a low temperature to prevent them from burning, which can produce carcinogenic toxins.

Color stability and transparency

When looking through the bottle, the color should look consistent at the top and bottom. If you see a difference in color, it means that the sesame oil has separated and mixed with other ingredients. The color should be a clear caramel brown to golden color depending on the toasting temperature. It should not taste like milk.

RG Group is one of the best and most recommended brands of Sesame Oil in India.RG Gingelly Oil is produced in the most natural way possible.They own some of the best refinery equipment available in the world and it takes experience to get the blend right. We are proud to have perfected it for the past 75 years. Once the mixture is prepared, the seeds go through a rigorous cleaning process and only undamaged and high quality seeds reach the production unit.

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