Gingelly oil and Sesame oil Difference

Difference between Sesame oil and Gingelly oil

Many of us have the same dought. The main difference between gingelly oil and sesame oil is its extraction technique. Both gingelly and sesame are extracted from sesame seeds.

The extraction process

Gingelly oil is extracted from toasted sesame seeds, while sesame oil is extracted directly from the sesame seed in a cold extraction method. Gingelly oil is amber in color because of its slightly high temperature and the oil is pale yellowish.

smoking point

Gingelly and sesame have different smoking points. Sesame has a high smoking point and is suitable for deep frying. Compared to sesame oil, gingelly oil has a relatively lower smoking point. It is ideal for stir-frying and shallow frying.

Apart from gingelly and sesame, another variety of sesame oil is extracted from the same seed. It is called dark sesame oil, extracted from deep-toasted sesame seeds. It is dark brown, has a low smoking point; hence it is used for flavor enhancement in the last stage of cooking or salads. Gingelly and sesame have a nutty and earthy flavor. 

Gingelly  known as the queen of oils, is extracted through traditional wooden chukku. During the pressing time, palm jaggery mixes with the sesame seeds. It gives a nice golden color and a sweet taste to gingelly . The oil obtained from the chukka is placed in sunlight to reduce the water content and retained for six days to sediment the impurities. After that, the oil was filtered and packed. 

The Gingelly and sesame oils are rich sources of omega six fatty acids, flavonoid phenolic anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins, and dietary fiber, with potential anti-cancer and health-promoting properties.

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