Gingelly oil and sesame oil are the same

Are gingelly oil and sesame oil are the same

Gingelly oil is often confused with sesame oil, although the two are not the same. Gingelly oil is also known as til oil, also the  Indian sesame oil. Gingelly oil, its types, and how it differs from sesame oil, is interesting.  If you want the benefits of sesame oil but want to get them through cooking, ginger oil can be a great substitute for you. The biggest difference is usually seen when using oil in cooking, and this is due to the oil’s smoke point. 

Smoking point of gingelly oil

Since this oil has a low smoke point, it can be used in fried foods and foods. Best added to the food at the end of the cooking process to provide lots of flavor! Although they both come from the same seed, the main difference between gingelly oil and sesame oil is how they are produced. That’s the biggest difference, but there’s also a color difference.

Components of gingelly and sesame oil


This oil has a darker golden color than sesame oil. Look about different types of this.Sesame oil has practically no toxic components. The oil contains  unsaturated fatty acids more than many types of vegetable oils. The high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids makes this oil an important source of dietary essential fatty acids (Langstraat and Jurgens, 1976). Linoleic acid is required for cell membrane structure, blood cholesterol transport, and prolonged blood clotting (Vles and Gottenbos, 1989). Sesame oil is very rich with vitamin E but low in vitamin A. Minor components in sesame oil, sesamin and sesamolin, protect the oil from oxidative rancidity.it  contains sesamol and sesaminol, two antioxidants that may have powerful effects on your health ( 2 Trusted Source ).


Benefits of seasme oil

Antioxidants are substances that help reduce cell damage caused by the free radicals. The accumulation of free radicals in your cells which can lead to inflammation and diseaseSesame oil is a vegetable oil derived from sesame seeds. This is an edible vegetable oil that is extracted from the sesame seeds. Sesame seeds are small yellowish brown seeds. This oil is at its best when the seeds are fully ripe, which means the outer shells have burst. This oil has a nutty aroma and taste and is yellow to amber or dark brown in color. It is useful for cooking and preparation of medicine. This oil is popular in Asia.

This oil is an excellent source of vitamins like vitamin E, vitamin K, organic compounds and other beneficial components.It works to balance seasonal disorders that affect our overall health, hair and skin. When used regularly on the skin, it ensures well-nourished, radiant complexion and youthful skin.

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