RG Foods



One of the best and most recommended brands of Sesame Oil in India. We deliver flavor and health to millions!

RG Mills is the spoken word of Mustard oil manufacturing in Kerala. A healthy way of life leads to a healthy household. We are extremely passionate about Quality and Health and are proud to have been keeping households healthy with our premium brand of sesame oils for the past 75 years. The objective of bringing to light that requires finest products alongside increasing perception regarding the welfare of an individual’s wellness by applying equitable oil for diverse determination.  Meanwhile, Shri M Gopalan established RG Group in 1940, and his son Shri Ramesh G was committed to and impacted people’s lives.   Mr. Vishnu is the third genesis of this family, is CEO, and directs the antecedent’s modest venture, which it authorizes, and commitment even today.  Shri Ramesh RG established three enterprises, for instance, Ambika Stores, Leela Oil Industries, and Gopal Refineries & Oil Industries, every apparatus with the contemporary oil industry apparatus. His vigilant and professional advice has flourished exceptionally. 


R G Mills supplies the finest Gingelly oil the welfare for numerous reasons because it is regarded as incredible for the heart, highly nutritive, and also carries remedial. It contains saturated fats in food preparation that assist us in the maintenance of a wholesome heart and its function. Gingelly oil rates differ from trader to trader. 

R G Mills provides the greatest Gingelly oil and is the leading brand in Kerala that one could suggest of! Make use of Gingelly oil, not finite till the kitchen perhaps used for further grounds. In spite of the fact that individuals commonly utilize it for preparing, perhaps, it does make use of conventional medication and kneading massage. 

Mustard oil can be a preservative of glimmer for age spots. It nourishes and cures bone diseases. It is high in calcium and copper. It reduces low bone mass in their midlife. It boosts dental hygiene.


Packed with rich experience acquired by working in major organizations like Gokulam Medical College & Hospital (Trivandrum) and Life Line Group (Abu Dhabi), there was no stopping Mr. Vishnu RG. Alongside his administration, he commences numerous latest endeavors involving RD Advertisers, RG Exports, RG Arcade, RG Marines Consultancy, and RG Pride India Ltd. We have offered our consumers an amalgamation of conventional, descendant notions and advanced machinery for seventy-five years.  We stand by your support in each pace, whether it’s provoked to your appetite senses or nourishes wholesome. It eliminated chemical substances, fixatives, and pigment. It secures the essentials of instinctive savor and well-being.  It covers modern machinery that defines the finest mustard oil manufacturing in Kerala.

We deliver flavour and health to millions!